Advertising Terms

Please read the following terms carefully as these form the operating agreement between us.

Please read the following terms carefully as these form the operating agreement between us. (WBO) will provide the Advertiser with :

A company profile on the website

A first and/or final draft of your company profile prior to activation on WBO website. Profile approval must be made by confirmation email prior to activation. Profile amendments will only be made if requested by email.

WBO may, in its sole discretion, cancel or terminate your subscription or part of subscription, at any time without notice. WBO is not liable to you or any party for such damages arising from such a termination.

Advertiser Listing Terms

Listing on WBO will be provided free for the first 30 days and £99 plus VAT per month thereafter, monthly subscriptions run on a continual basis.

Subscriptions are payable by credit card or by bank transfer (BACS) only.

Accounts that have outstanding payments due will have their profiles removed from the website without notice after the payment due date has expired and will not be reinstalled until payment is received in full.

The Advertiser agrees: 

1. The advertiser will provide original content from their own website/brochures etc either by providing express permission for WBO to take the text and images from their own site, or provide the same in electronic form such as a word document.

2. WBO will not scrape , copy or in any way take information from a third party website other than that owned by the advertiser

3. The Advertiser shall indemnify WBO, it’s employees and shareholders (as an indemnified party) against all costs and expenses , legal or otherwise , arising out of any proceeding, actions or legal communications brought by  any third party claiming that any of said content provided by the advertiser as being copied, in breach of copyright , or passing off in any way.

By engaging these services the advertiser is agreeing to these specific Advertisers Terms & Conditions.

These terms are subject to modification and/or amendment from time to time at the sole discretion of WBO.